Premium Cotton Tissues for Kids
Pure Cotton Tissues
Use Wet or Dry
480 Count
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About the product
  • Use WET or DRY: Designed for use both wet and dry, Peekapoo soft cotton tissues are much more versatile than standard paper tissues. Runny noses, baby drool, messy dinner times, nursing, and diapers changes – whatever the situation, a Peekapoo hypoallergenic tissue will have you covered
  • SUPER STRONG, SOFT COTTON TISSUES: We understand the need for strong, absorbent materials to combat mess, which is why our thick cotton body and facial tissues are resilient, even when soaked in water. Thanks to their super strength, Peekapoo kids tissues are a handy alternative to dry baby wipes when you’re out and about
  • SUITABLE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: Made from 100% pure cotton, without any chemicals or additives, these extremely soft tissues are designed to be gentle on all skin types, especially the youngest and most sensitive. Use the hypoallergenic tissues repeatedly on your little one’s skin without causing irritation, roughness, or discomfort
  • KIND TO THE ENVIRONMENT: Our 100% biodegradable cotton facial tissue is safe for your children’s hands, mouth and nose, as well as the environment! They are great for use at home or as travel tissues and you can dispose of them with peace of mind, knowing they’re kind to the planet
  • 6 X TISSUE PACKS: The delivery includes 6 packs of Peekapoo cotton tissues, each containing 80 tissues. Be prepared for all messy situations with these ultra absorbent soft tissues – no mess stands a chance
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What Our Customers Are Saying
5.0 out of 5 stars Exactly as Expected
These are fantastic. They're dry wipe clothes that can be cleaned and reused during feedings or meals. You can wet them if needed too and they don't lose quality. My L.O doesn't mind them at all either way.
5.0 out of 5 stars Great wipes
Easy to use and gentle on my newborns bottom
Amazon Customer
5.0 out of 5 stars Like them best!
I have tried two other brands of this kind of tissue here on Amazon, and for me, these are the best. Soft, durable and do not irritate my skin.
Amazon Customer
5.0 out of 5 stars Nice tissues. Soft.
Excellent tissues. Oversized and soft.
Jennifer Crawford
5.0 out of 5 stars Not Just for Kids ... These are Great in the Garage, Shop and Jobsite
While these facial tissues are marketed as Kid's facial tissues they are really multi-purpose tissues or cloths.These tissues are similar to wet wipes but softer and dry (not wet). They are made of 100% cotton and are strong and absorbent. You can wet these tissues and use them as wet wipes or use them dry as tissues. The packaging is terrific and makes them easy to dispense and carry around.••• Multi Use •••These tissues are perfect for the shop, garage or job site. I use these Peek-a-poo tissues in my garage as an alternative to paper towel as shop rags. I carry them to job sites and use them on installations. The packaging is convenient and they are much easier to carry around in my tool bag then a roll of paper towels.The price for a 6 pack of tissues (480 count) is $26.99 coupon. That works out to 5.6¢ per tissue. The cost of a regular paper tissue is around 3.7¢ per tissue. These Peek-A-Boo tissues are probably too expensive to use all the time as regular tissues for blowing your nose but if you have a need for a heavy duty disposable cloth that can get wet and still retain its structure then these peek-a-boo tissues are perfect. Great for makeup removal, wet wipe applications, cleaning your glasses or disposable rags or clothes for the shop, garage or jobsite.I will buy these again.
The Tech Guy
5.0 out of 5 stars Environmentally Friendly (Biodegradable) - Strongest Wipes I've Ever Used, Durable & Ultra Soft
[PROS] 👍✔Soft Gentle Cotton Feel✔Biodegradable <- Huge Plus✔Handles All Types of Messes (including heavier duty, never tears/rips)[CONS] 👎✘ Expensive[PRODUCT EXPERIENCE] ★ ★ ★ ★ ★👉 The Peekapoo Kids Facial Tissues initially caught my eye because they're not only 100% pure cotton, but also biodegradable which lead to me instantly ordering them to try out. So far, we've gone through 2 packages on our 2 year old and the wipes have held up formidably. The cotton has a gentle and soft feel when the wipes are brushed against my skin to clean a mess, including a dripping nose.I've tested them thoroughly with my son and they literally never tear/rip, remaining highly durable and have been handling all types of messes, including heavy duty messes, as they remain absorbent. We normally use the Huggies wet wipes, but those definitely don't hold up and tear easily - the peekapoo remain the strongest wipes we've used on our son. The downside is the cost is expensive, compared to the wet wipes we've been using, but these are much better in quality and environmentally friendly, which I appreciate.
Truthful Reviewer
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